Privacy Policy
Naturpro ensures full privacy to its customers. All information that is transmitted to us is used in accordance with the Privacy Policy on this page. The information collected by us is used in the terms approved by the National Data Protection Commission (CNPD), and the data is intended for the management of Naturpro services.


The information collected by us

The information collected by Naturpro relates only to the name, delivery address and invoice address of the respective customers, exclusively to follow up on commercial transactions carried out in the Naturpro online store. We also collect the email addresses and phone numbers of our visitors, so that we can contact them as part of their orders and orders. The information we collect from our customers is always sent voluntarily and we never collect personal information without the proper consent.

How the information collected by us is used

Naturpro collects the necessary information in order to process customer orders and orders, ensuring that their transactions are carried out successfully. Our visitors may voluntarily choose to receive informative emails regarding Naturpro as promotional offers, discount codes and information newsletters, all this information provided to us is provided with the full consent of our visitors and members.

If you have previously voluntarily agreed to receive our newsletters, promotional offers and discount codes, at any time you may choose to leave our database, so simply click on the unsubscribe link at the end of any newsletter.

Safety and quality

It is our objective to ensure the safety and quality of the information provided by Naturpro users, and in this sense the necessary measures have been implemented, both at the technological and organizational level, in order to keep the information safe, accurate, up-to-date and complete. The information we collect is stored securely in accordance with our privacy policy and the law.


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Contact information

If you need any clarification regarding our Privacy Policy, simply send us an email to: [email protected], alternatively you can contact us through our contact page